Shop Smart East Texas

For Advertisers that wish to reach 100% of the East Texas market, M. Roberts Media is proud to offer our total market coverage (TMC) program, ShopSmart East Texas. It covers the markets in Gregg, Upshur, Marion, Harrison and Panola counties giving our advertisers maximum coverage in the East Texas area. ShopSmart East Texas is mailed to over 78,000 households weekly making it the largest weekly print media publication in East Texas. One ad, 78,000 households equates to one of the most efficient and effective forms of print media in East Texas. Combine that with an ad in one of our newspaper and increase your reach to 100% of the marketplace. Contact one of our sales representative at 903-237-7726 today for more information on how you can maximize your advertising dollar. 

Saturation or Targeted Inserts

ShopSmart East Texas is the largest weekly print media publications in East Texas. It is affordable. It is effective. It will deliver the results you demand in our highly competitive marketplace. You have the option of reaching the entire market or geographically targeting just those zip codes that make sense for your business. We offer very cost efficient turnkey products (e.g., we graphically design the insert, print the insert and deliver the insert at one price) or you can send us your preprinted inserts and we will distributed them in the zip codes of your choosing. Combine that with an insert in one of our newspapers and increase your reach to 100% of the marketplace. Contact your sales representative at 903-237-7726  today for more information on how you can maximize your advertising dollars.